Ben Jackson is a woodworker in Tacoma, Washington.
He loves to take movies of woefully frightened fish in the the frigid waters of Puget Sound.

If you have a custom piece of furniture that you are thinking of, Ben can help you bring out of your mind and into your home. Ben starts with the best wood he can find, and then he cuts it up, smooths it out, and just generally tortures it until it screams, "UNCLE!". Although this might sound like a semi-violent way to get a piece of furniture, it really is the BEST way to create furniture without having to deal with wood elves or other very expensive denizens of the woodland.

Ben has a full service workshop with tools to deal with jobs big and small. He has made outdoor garden benches, redwood spa steps, kitchen cabinetry and all other manner of woodcrafts. Do you have a dream? I dream that can be captured in wood? Ben would like to help you make your dream a reality...

Check out some of the things he has made in the past and bring your idea here to get some sawdust flying!